Improvisational Performances: Live Music, Dance, Theatre and Visual Arts proudly presents:
I AM <<< Improvisational Arts Monterey.

Debut on Friday 08/18/2017 from 6:00pm to 11:00pm
@ 774 Wave Street, Monterey California.


The rules are simple:

  • All random events are in synch.
  • There are no mistakes and no expectations.
  • Whatever happens is just as it is: perfect.
  • This is a group that clearly thrives on the unknown, deriving its energy from the power of improvisation.

“For me, it’s about creativity. It’s about reaching into the part of me that feels and doesn’t think.”


Hosted at, by Rhett Allen Smith.
Produced by Tony Horwath.
Productivity coaching by Holger Hubbs.



Dedication & Pure Enjoyment:
Experience Music, Dance, Theatre, Visual Arts or more; enjoy: free as Sun, Air and Clouds.

An off-grid event, outside our habitual grooves.





Tony’s attempt to outline the evening:

  • sign in as producer, performer-artist, audience
  • producers are assigned a production time-slot, between 1 and 10
  • producers begin to select their performers-artists
  • we begin to record at 8 pm
  • and each producer prepares their concept and performance with artists in advance and is ready to perform shortly after the previous performance
  • After 3 hours of this performance behavior we will have recorded about 1 hour of Internet video and then go home



Not only are you a bad judge of your own work, it is not your job to judge your own work. It is not your place to compare it to others. It is not your responsibility to figure out how valuable it is or how useful it can be.

The purpose of existence is to exist.
It is too fantastic to have a meaning.


08/18/2017 <<< RSVP


I love it! I want to be part of it.
In the bigger picture is an open association and community in the Monterey Bay Area, throughout California and around the world of brave people coming together rediscovering our natural inner space and freedom on this amazing planet.

Making sense in the world:
“Our body is essentially soil and water. The quality of our soil and water determines the quality of our food, our body, and our life.”

Allowing Inner Space:
I AM <<< Improvisational Arts Monterey is one of the projects at to raise awareness, to encourage and strengthen community in an advertisement-free environment, off-grid our own mental habits and grooves.


Let’s make this real, stop procrastinating, don’t ask your person how far you can go!
Embrace with our heart what your mind cannot understand. Step outside the box of your own expectations.

All of this is for you! Without your presence and collaboration nothing is happening; you determine now if you can allow enjoyable and potentially transformational experiences.

We are not into superficial entertainment, drugs or empty talk; but we embrace the experience of Life as Art. Too simple, but profound.

We invite you, prior to the event, to come and feel our atmosphere at the Studio Cafe and to join our ad-free online community.


A different approach by Tony:
I AM, Improvisational Arts Monterey is envisioned as an open space for Music, Dance, Theatre and Visual Arts, as an association and open community of improvisational Music, Dance, Theatre, Visual Artists, Internet audio and video engineers, technicians, scientists, and improvisational artists from all walks of life in the Monterey Bay Area, throughout California and around the world. IAM creates and performs both live and on the Internet, and is accessible and archived on the Internet in seeming perpetuity at

All improvisational Music, Dance, Theatre and Visual Artists, are encouraged to sign up, attend and perform at: and then attend and perform at the scheduled dates and Internet video recordings at, at 774 Wave Street in Monterey, California.

All artists and audience in attendance at Monterey Improvisational Arts venue, performances and recordings must sign a Internet Video Release Agreement document that allows your images, works and performances at the Wave Street Studios Internet video recording session to be recorded and presented on the Internet and on any now known or unknown device or medium in perpetuity.

The live improvisational performance and most recent Internet video recordings of IAM are FREE, no cover charge and open to the public.


Only the last question is mandatory, but please provide us with as much information as you feel comfortable, to ensure a smooth selection and processing.
  • Please tell us about yourself, your calling and medium.
  • Events at 774 Wave Street will be recorded, broadcasted live, and made available online. I understand that:
    • - I might be recorded (video, audio, photography, etc.)
    • - I won't be compensated
    • - owns the copyright and sole right to publish and sell the works.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Structure Supports Spontaneity




Structure Supports Spontaneity
A Live Project by is yOur inner and outer space & community; for individuals — you and me — to invite, discover, allow, be and do what we love, what we are.

Off-grid, beyond our own cultured limitations and pressures, we recognize and utilize the meaning of structure, discipline and organization; as a tool to remove distractions from freedom, joy and creative expression.

We nurture and inspire “improvisational” as a portal into the generous and incomprehensible experience and reality of Life as Art.



Give me a break (-;

We do not abuse “improvisational” as a pain-killer, empty excitement, or escape from our exhausted person, but cherish the opportunity to experience Life Live; alone and in community, to pierce the veil of our own grooves, assumptions, expectations and comfort zones.

“Improvisational” at Wave Street Studios is a surrender, a sacrifice and humility of the old ways that don’t work anymore. What remains is a vast, empty, formless openness; the raw timeless source for joy and synchronicity.


Ya but…
We encourage the bravery to be fully present despite the mind’s addiction towards trying to make sense by regurgitating and defending the past.

Together we recognize and celebrate our innate power and wisdom — not in the realm of our person — as the observer of life and as Life itself.

Live at



Recorded elsewhere: